Did NICENIC get Accredited?

YES! NICENIC already got Accredited by ICANN, CNNIC, HKIRC and more.

How much does it cost to use the API?

It's FREE for Reseller! Our API Reseller plan is based on prepayment, there are no setup fees or annual fees, please check Reseller Levels and Pricing.

What is the pricing for each TLD / ccTLD registered through the API?

Nicenic's Domain Reseller Program is based on Prepayment and Resellers of different Levels enjoy different discounted prices.

What TLDs are available through the API?

'cn', 'com', 'net', 'com.cn', '中国', 'org', 'biz', 'info', 'hk', 'tw', 'asia', 'tel', 'mobi', 'name', 'cc', 'in', 'me', 'cm', 'co', 'tm', 'travel', 'jobs', 'tv', 'sh', 'xxx', 'ws', 'gd', 'us', 'de', 'sg', 'jp', 'my', 'kr', 'vn', 'la', 'fr', 'eu', 'ru', 'nl', 'so', 'ca', 'bz', 'be' ... 150+ TLDs in total.

How do customers resided outside of China register dot CN domain names through the API?

NICENIC offer FREE TRUSTEE SERVICE for customers resided outside of China to register dot CN domain names through the API and the dot CN domain names registered under NICENIC FREE TRUSTEE SERVICE can be activated instantly and the Red-tape materials authentication process by CNNIC will be saved.

Why do registered domains show as available when I send an API request in Test Server Environment?

In the testing environment, the API shows both preregistered and unregistered domains as available. However, in the live/production environment only unregistered domains will show a successful command response.

Are there any limitations to domain creation requests in the API?

There are no specific limits in place. However, red flags will be raised if multiple checks are being done on the same domain(s) in a relatively small period of time.

What is drop-catching?

Drop catching refers to registering domains on the drop. Currently, this is prohibited through the API.

Is WHMCS supported with NiceNIC API?

Yes! Related WHMCS documents can be downloaded HERE.

Do you have any sample code written for the API?

We have a sample PHP file and a sample ASP file with more languages coming soon.

What programming languages are supported in the API?

Although only the PHP and ASP example scripts are provided, you can code with any language that is supported as our API supports a RESTFUL API.

How do I fund my reseller account?

You can fund your account by Bitcoin, PayPAL, Bank Transfer and Alipay.

More questions?

Feel free to Email our API Support Team: support@nicenic.net (please allow up to 15 hours for a response).

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